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Supercharge your asset management and access with our comprehensive suite of proprietary tools.

Our Features

Custom Schema

We understand that each company has their own way of categorising and organising their data. For this reason each tenant in AssetBox can specify their own schema for file organisation. Specify custom fields to tag each file that's uploaded to better organise and find files throughout the system. Files can be searched for, filtered and sorted by these custom fields, reducing any kind of asset search to mere seconds.

Advanced Search

Our advanced search interface allows you to perform even the most granular searches, from anywhere in the application. Search by any possible metric including category, custom tags, file name, file type and more. Our search system uses a dedicated service that is optimised every time a new batch of files is added to the system ensuring that results are always accurate, intelligent and fast.

Asset History

Take complete control of your assets with our asset revision history. Find out if and when an asset has been revised, when it was revised and by who, to ensure accountability and the ability to ascertain the owner of any asset within the system. Discover file or metadata updates, whether it's by a user or an automated process, like our artificial intelligence image classification feature.

Roles & Permissions

Use the system's roles and permissions feature to have complete control over who can access which parts of the system. Provision guest roles so that people outside of your organisation can access various features such as folders and assets as required, with the ability to revoke access at any time, or set a fixed time limit, giving you peace of mind to share any assets in your library.

Rapid CDN

Our system uses the absolute latest in serverless technology, namely Lambda@Edge, which uses a globally distributed network of compute resources and networks to execute code and deliver files from the nearest network node, both vastly improving performance and reducing latency to infinitesimally small times. No matter where you are in the world, AssetBox is incredibly fast.

AI Image Classification

AssetBox features an machine learning powered automatic image classification feature which automatically analyses every compatible image, attempting to classify the contents of the image. These tags are automatically added to the asset, so that it immediately becomes available for searching. In the rare cases where the AI tags are not needed, they can be removed after the scan.

Asset Sharing

Easily share any asset from within the application, leveraging the ability to change format, specify quality, add a custom watermark, crop, or resize with ease. Once you've finished modifying, your new assets can either be saved as new assets or simply shared internally with your team or externally with access control, without modifying the original file, omitting the need for third party tools.

Advanced ACL

Using the application's sharing folder feature you can create time sensitive folders of applications, controlling the exact expiration of access, or setting it as a permanent folder. Share the folder with anybody within or outwith your team through either email or hyperlink. Access can be modified or revoked on a post-facto basis should the need arise.

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